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Alaska – Bald Eagle (captive)

This is a captive shot. This bird was in a cage (however, we did see a lot of eagles) with a missing wing. The light was amazing and I took with with my Fuji X-T1. The only processing is to crop it. I shot it in Velvia / Raw camera setting.

Top 10 Photo Workshop Tips

Bring plenty of memory cards and make sure they are pre formatted. There is nothing like getting someplace to find out that you still have stuff on your memory cards. Having enough memory cards will allow you to pocket them after each day or location. Every day I shoot on a new card. That way
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500 Rule

This week over on The Snake Tips I critiqued an image that someone sent in about photographing the stars. In that post I talked about when the stars will start appear to “move or streak” while taking night time shots. Before you take the shot you can use the 500 Rule to approximate the maximum
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Light Painting

I had the good fortune to hang out with Dave Black at our His Light Workshops Shaker Village workshop. Dave is funny, kind, a great educator and just a fantastic guy. I know we’ll hang out more in the future.  We did a lot of light painting in this workshop. Light painting is when you
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His Light Workshops presents New Orleans 2014

This will be our first workshop without Bill. We are hoping that it will be a great success! I’ve been researching and have found us a great hotel deal in the French Quarter. New Orleans, Louisiana – May 7th – 11th, 2014 Limited to 12 Attendees $995. Workshop Fee Leaders: Jim Begley, Chuck Barnes and
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New York City

I was in New york City recently for a conference for my day job. Of course I had to bring my Fuji to see how she would perform around town. I didn’t shoot as much as I would have liked. The day I picked to head over to Hoboken to photograph the NYC skyline, it
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Glacier and the Fuji

I just got back from a His Light Workshops to Glacier National Park in Montana. What an amazing place. We had a great group of attendees, some wonderful light and I got to see all my old photo friends. I have such a great time with these folks! Anyway, on this trip I decided not to
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Photo gear: Garmin Nuvi 2555LMT

You don’t think of your car’s GPS as photo gear. Well I didn’t until I realized how important it really is to me. I use to to get from shot to shot. On workshops I plug in all the coordinates to where we might go into the GPS so I have them all ready. I
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Nashville 2013 His Light Workshop

The His Light workshop in Nashville, TN is over. I’m back home sleeping in my bed for a while, but looking forward to the next one. As usual I saw some old friends and met some new ones. I had my niece Abby on the trip for this one. She’s 12 going on 20, well
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Blue Ridge Parkway – Decisions Decisions

While coming home from Nashville for a His Light Workshop, Carolyn and I took the Blue Ridge Parkway toward home. The above image was me stretching my legs on a little trail as Carolyn took a phone call. Since it was around 5 PM , I am happy with the way it turned out. We
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